About us

We are the Cauzza Family, a family of four that have a big heart for farm animals. Our farm began in 2016 when we discovered our first born daughter was allergic to our golden retriever’s saliva. There was no way to keep our Golden’s kisses at bay, so he is now living with our in-laws grandparents, spoiled as ever and enjoying every minute of it. 

After re-homing our sweet pup, we were on a mission to find the perfect miniature horse or pony. That’s when we found Nay Nay, a miniature Appaloosa. Since bringing Nay Nay home, we knew we wanted to expand our farm and find more animals to love on. Our farm now includes 2 miniature Juliana pigs, 2 peacocks, lots of silky and polish chickens, 2 alpacas, 2 fainting goats and 2 Flemish giant rabbits and most recently, Nay Nay's foal, Bandit. 

What was once an overgrown, underdeveloped 2 ½ acre lot is now the home to our sweet animals. We have used almost all repurposed materials in building our barns and animal enclosures. This has truly been a team effort from our neighbors and friends donating wood and other building materials to collecting old tin, food troughs and barn hardware from our family cattle ranch in Santa Ysabel, dating back to the early 1900’s.