Before your tour

Tours at the farm are by appointment only. We will announce farm tour dates and when tickets go on sale. Once you purchase your ticket, please read everything below before your tour!

What to wear

  • Closed toed shoes, preferably boots
  • Apply sunscreen before your arrival 
  • Check the weather to plan appropriate attire
  • Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
  • A change of clothes for kiddos is highly recommended, especially for the little ones planning to play in our corn pit - we can almost guarantee every kid (ages 12 months & up) will play in the corn pit and it can leave your clothes really dirty.  We are used to the corn residue and it doesn't bother us but if you have a car with black interior, you will thank us for this heads up!

What to bring

  • Water bottles
  • Snacks for you and your little ones
  • Camera 

What to expect on your tour

  • Hands on educational farm tour (includes feeding the animals)
  • Wash hands, eat snacks (you bring) and play for the remainder of the time. We have a corn pit that your toddler will love and infant swings.  We will also have different educational agriculture activities for the kiddos.  
  • Our only restroom is a portable potty located in the parking lot, please plan accordingly.

When you arrive

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before tour
  • Follow signs for parking 
  • Follow signs to begin tour and have fun!


While we want you to have fun on the farm, we also want to ensure a safe and pleasurable visit for you and our animals. Therefore, we ask that you please abide by the following rules during your visit at Hollyberry Farm.

BE CALM:  If you are calm, then the animals will be calm too. Use slow movements and a soft voice.  Pet the animals gently and not on their heads.  Do not run or chase any of the animals.  Animals deserve our respect and should be treated with care and kindness.   

BE CAREFUL:  Animals are not toys.  They have feelings like we do and may bite or scratch if handled improperly. Our alpacas are closed up but if one does get out, please do not let your kiddos stand behind them as they may kick to defend themselves.  Ask any farm employee to demonstrate how to hold, pet and feed our animals.

BE CLEAN:  Good hygiene is important when working with animals.  Do not bring any snacks in with the animals.  Do not touch any poop.  Avoid touching your face while interacting with the animals.  We encourage you to use the sanitizer dispensers located at all our animal enclosures.  When you are finished with the animals, please bring your kiddos to the hand washing station so they can clean up with soap and water.  

BE CONSCIOUS: Our animals are all very docile but know that any animal can act out and accidents can happen.  Please monitor your children's behavior and keep a close eye on them at all times.  We do our best to provide the safest environment we can but you are ultimately responsible for yourself and your children's actions while visiting Hollyberry Farm.